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The emotional power of this story, the inner turmoil, the rich detail -emotional, sensory, and dialogic- beckons us to see marginalized children and assist in their development. 


 Judy Sorum Brown PhD, White House Fellow, author.

Praise & Reviews

The Power of Being Seen is funny at times, and at other times shocking and heart-breaking at others. The stories drew me in and offered life lessons for us all. Set in a time and place few of us can understand, this account continues to be relevant today as children on the margins struggle to be seen and become productive members of society. It urges us all to see young people and urge them on. 

Katherine Gullett, Executive Director, Case Western Reserve University

This poignant, sometimes sad, other times funny, but always a good read celebrates with gratitude those in Roger Saillant’s life (foster parents, teachers, community members and friends) who tipped the scales favorably toward making him a productive member of society. A good read filled with colorful detail and psychological insights about child development which adds to the story of fostering children in our society.


BARBARA SAPIENZA, PhD and Author of The Laundress and Anchor Out.


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I arrived on the farm when I was four already numb from abandonments and lacking in promise. Mrs. McClelland was hardworking, kind, and expected me to work hard and be kind, too. She died after a long cancer battle when I was 15. Here she is gathering eggs from one of our chicken coops.


About Roger Saillant

Dr. Roger Saillant was born in Philadelphia and raised in Bucks County
Pennsylvania near Doylestown. As a foster child, he learned to stitch together a
value system piece by piece by listening to teachers and reading books when he
was not working on his foster family’s farm. Eventually, he went to Bowdoin
College, got a PhD at Indiana University, and earned a Post Doctorate at UCLA.
He worked at The Ford Motor Company for thirty years where he had exceptional
success because of his work ethic and his willing to lead by listening to his peers
and his subordinates. His ability to engage empathetically with employees in
Mexico led to extraordinary success and positions of greater responsibility where
he taught his managers to engage their employees in post iron-curtain Hungary,
the Czech Republic, and Poland. Eventually he retired after several global
divisional leadership jobs where he was recognized as a change agent who could
deliver high morale and the bottom line.
After Ford he worked as the CEO of Plug Power for seven years where he helped
the company survive a number of financial a and technical challenges. Next, he
joined the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve
University as the inaugural Executive Director of The Fowler Center for Business
as an Agent of World Benefit.
He has co-authored several books previous to The Power of Being Seen which is
his first solo effort. This project is both personally and professionally exciting to
him because he believes that people can make a differ by paying more attention
to young people – especially marginalized children - as they grow by really seeing
them and giving them good guidance. In this way, more marginalized children
across society will become productive members of society.
He is passionate about systems thinking, his family, and being active outside. He
resides in Saratoga Springs, New York with his wife Mary Lou.

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